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  • CLHB400RGBW Lighting set with 4 ultra-fast 10 W CREE RGBW Quad LED Mov i gruppen Musikinstrument / PA & Ljus / Ljus hos Order Music (280975)
Cameo 280975 CLHB400RGBW Lighting set with 4 ultra-fast 10 W CREE RGBW Quad LED Mov
The Cameo HydraBeam 400 RGBW is a lighting set with4 ultra-fast moving headsthat can be controlled independently. They are equipped with high-intensity, 10W Quad LEDs made by the leading manufacturer Cree, providing a narrow 4.5 beam angle. The moving heads swivel by up to 540 horizontally and by up to 270 vertically, and are cooled by an extremely low-noise fan.The HydraBeam 400 can be controlled in the DMX modes with 6-channel, 10-channel, 19-channel and 32-channel, and be can used as a master, slave or standalone. The built-in microphone allows an external sound control.16 automated programmes provide lively movement patterns; the strobe function will produceup to 20 flashes per second. In addition, six intensive colour variations can be selected via DMX. Therugged construction made of black steel and ABS has a backlit display with 4 buttons for easy operation. The Cameo HydraBeam 400 can be operated universally with mains voltages from 100 to 240 volts; the power consumption is a low 100 watts. For a large variety of mounting options, for example on trusses, two Omega brackets and a removable tripod flange are included.
- Item Number: CLHB400W
- Product Type: LED moving light
- Type: moving head
- Colour Spectrum: RGBW
- Number of LEDs: 4
- LED Type: 10 W
- Beam Angle: 4.5
- DMX Input: XLR 3-pin male
- DMX Output: XLR 3-pin female
- DMX Mode:;; ;6-channel, 10-channel, 19-channel, 32-channel
- DMX Functions:;Dimmer, TILT, PAN, Strobe, Colour Change
- PAN Movement: 540
- TILT Movement: 270
- High-speed Stroboscope: 20;Hz
- Standalone Modes: Auto Run, Sound Control
- Controls: Enter, Mode, Value Down, Value Up
- Indicators: LED Display
- Power Supply: 100 V AC - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
- Power Consumption: 100 W
- Power Connector: IEC power socket male
- Housing Material: metal, ABS
- Housing Colour: black
- Cooling System: fan
- Illumination: red 10,670 lx 1m, green 19,000 lx 1m, blue 3,710 lx 1m, white 27,600 lx 1m
- Dimensions without mounting bracket
- Width: 810 mm
- Height: 250 mm
- Depth: 130 mm
6095 kr
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