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  • DP222BK i gruppen Musikinstrument / Gitarr / Tillbehör / Gitarrmikrofoner hos Order Music (103717)
Dimarzio 103717 DP222BK
D Activator-X Bridge DP222 For nearly 30 years, the DiMarzio X2N has been the top choice for all-out power. In the last couple of years, weve developed totally new ways to combine power with clarity, which first resulted inthe D Activator. Now we bring you the D Activator-X Bridge model. It features the same striking look as the X2N, but weve adjusted the output and tuned the coils to different frequencies to create a powerful sound wide open with a surprisingly clean sound when the volume control is rolled down,even with extreme metal and high-gain amps. The Neck model is designed to produce a highly focussedattack centered on the upper mid range, with less magnet pull and output in order to balance perfectly with the Bridge model. The D Activator-X Bridge model feature universal spacing for both standard and F-spaced applications. Recommended For Bridge position only. Tech Talk The D Activator-X bridge model uses the same bar pole pieces and magnet structure as the X2N, butits a very different pickup in other ways. Output voltage is slightly lower than the X2N, and thetuning of the two coils allows the high frequencies to open up while still maintaining very strong lows and mids. The D Activator-X is also very good for clean, bright sounds in split and parallelmodes. Specs Wiring: 4 Conductor Magnet: Ceramic Output mV: 500 DC Resistance: 14.51 Kohm Year of Introduction: 2008 Patent: n/a
949 kr
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