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  • DP253FBK i gruppen Musikinstrument / Gitarr / Tillbehör / Gitarrmikrofoner hos Order Music (230421)
Dimarzio 230421 DP253FBK
Gravity Storm Bridge DP253 The Gravity Storm Neck & Bridge Model pickups were designed for Steve Vai, and are the next step in his pickup evolution. The pickups are named after a song on his album, Steve Vai: The Story of Light.Steve described the sound he wanted from his new Gravity Storm Bridge Model pickup as a thundering cloud of ice cream. He didnt say what flavor he likes, but this one has both bite and sweetness. Recommended For Bridge. Tech Talk A high-impact pickup doesnt need a tremendous output level to make its point. Where the EvolutionBridge Model is about power and sharp-edged tone, the Gravity Storm is more about depth and warm highs and mids. Its very much a plug and play pickup it doesnt require a lot of tweaking to get agreat sound. Because the highs are very fat, its possible to increase treble response on your amp without losing tone and sustain on the high frets. Specs Wiring: 4 Conductor Magnet: Alnico 5 Output mV: 340 DC Resistance: 15.19 Kohm Year of Introduction: 2012 Patent: 5,908,998
895 kr
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