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  • DP415W i gruppen Musikinstrument / Gitarr / Tillbehör / Gitarrmikrofoner hos Order Music (103772)
Dimarzio 103772 DP415W
Area 58 DP415 There are two major differences between a great vintage Strat pickup and an average one: treble response and dynamics. A great pickup is clear and bright, but not thin-sounding. A great one makes the sound jump out of the amp when you pick hard and drop way down when you play softly, and the tone varies when the string is picked at different spots. The best pickup weve ever heard like this was from 1958, and thats what inspired the Area 58, with two major differences. Our pickup has way less magnet pull, and virtually no hum. Recommended For Neck and middle, can also be used in bridge. Tech Talk The Area 58 has obvious similarities to the Virtual Vintage 2.1 it replaces, but there are several non-visible performance factors that have changed. Dynamic range and string definition are greatlyincreased, leading to improvements in both clean chord-playing and overdriven soloing. The Area 58is very sensitive to small height adjustment differences: close to the strings produces a fatter, slightly compressed blues tone and further away yields crystal clean sounds. The final improvement isin noise reduction. All of the Virtual Vintage pickups have better hum cancellation than full-sizehumbuckers. Area 58 and Area 61 are even quieter. Specs Wiring: 4 Conductor Magnet: Alnico 2 Output mV: 125 DC Resistance: 6.15 Kohm Year of Introduction: 2006 Patent: 4,442,749 & 5,908,802
849 kr
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