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  • EJ-200SCE 2014 Limited Run Left Hand Vintage Sunburst i gruppen Musikinstrument / Gitarr / Stålsträngad Gitarr hos Order Music (255268)
Epiphone 255268 EJ-200SCE 2014 Limited Run Left Hand Vintage Sunburst
The new Ltd. Ed. EJ-200SCE Left Handed is Epiphone´s modern version of the "Super Jumbo" or as its better known among collectors, the King of the Flat Tops. And now there´s a model for southpaws!The EJ-200SCE is one of the most distinctive-and most beautiful--acoustic guitars in the history of popular music. But don´t just take our word for it. The "J-200" is known worldwide for its hourglass shape and strong midrange tone that has powered every major trend in rock, pop, country, and folk since it was first introduced in 1938.Today, the Epiphone Ltd. Ed. EJ-200SCE Left-Handed is the direct descendant of the singular acoustic guitar whose look and sound have been treasured for generations over all genres. King of the Cowboys Gene Autry, honky tonk queen Emmylou Harris (who now owns Gram Parsons´ J-200), the Everly Brothers, The Who´s Pete Townshend (who composed The Who's Tommy on his J-200), Reverend Gary Davis, Elvis Presley, Paul Weller, Keith Richards, Bob Dylan, and George Harrison have all recorded, performed, and posed for record covers with their Super Jumbos.Epiphone´s "Super Jumbo" Legacy - When Epiphone introduced the affordable EJ-200 and then the EJ-200SCE (cutaway) in the 90s, it provided a new generation of artists access to the Super Jumbo sound for the first time. Noel and Liam Gallagher used an Epiphone EJ-200 as their main writing guitar for Oasis´ debut album including the worldwide hit, "Wonderwall." And today, two of Epiphone´s most critically acclaimed independent artists-songwriter Todd Snider and Emmy Award winner "Farmer" Jason Ringenberg-are hardly ever seen on stage without their EJ-200SCE. "I´ve given away at least 10 EJ-200SCE´s over the years," says Todd Snider. "I love them. I can´t play anything else."
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