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  • Addictive Keys:  Electric Grand Download i gruppen Musikinstrument / Studio / Mjukvara / Plugins hos Order Music (246205)
XLN Audio 246205 Addictive Keys: Electric Grand Download
Den elektriska flygeln Yamaha CP80 har hörts på oräkneliga låtar från artister som U2, Peter Gabriel, ABBA, David Foster osv osv. moderna artister som Keane och Miike Snow använder dem också. Electric Grand kombinerar de tre distinkta karaktärerna från originalet; det akustiska ljudet från när hammaren slår an strängen, direct line-signal från den inbyggda mikrofonen och slutligen det skitiga, crunchiga soundet från en förstärkare. Och vips! så har du ett instrument som passar alla stilar du kan tänka dig!Levereras som serienummer via e-post. Produkten laddas ner och registreras via www.xlnaudio.comThE iNSTruMENT
The Electric Grand features a meticulously sampled Yamaha CP-80, an electro-acoustic instrument produced from the late 70’s through the mid 80’s. An electric grand has hammers and strings like an acoustic piano and a body like a small grand piano. What makes an electric grand different is the amplification, which is done with pickups under the strings. This is similar to an electric guitar or bass, and the direct line signal actually sounds something like a blend of an electric bass, electric guitar and a piano! This makes for some unique
textures and works really well where you might otherwise have used a more traditional pi- ano sound. The Addictive Keys engine can of course simulate the original instrument’s built in tremolo and tone controls - and much more.ThE rECordiNG
Our approach was to capture everything this
instrument has to offer and more. We re-
corded the direct line signal completely clean,
as well as in stereo through a vintage Roland
Dimension-D hardware chorus. For the amp setup we used a Music Man 112 RD tube combo amp with three close microphones in mono and one ambience microphone in stereo.
The Yamaha CP pianos were made for touring musicians. They were easier to move than a real grand and faster to setup on stage, using the line signal from the pickups instead of microphones. Although rarely used, we really love the acoustic sound of this instrument too, so we recorded that as well.
A total of seven different setups in mono and stereo were recorded and are available as selectable perspectives in Addictive Keys.
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