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  • EZX POP! i gruppen Musikinstrument / Studio / Mjukvara / Plugins hos Order Music (228097)
Toontrack 228097 EZX POP!
Expansionskit för EZ Drummer och Superior 2. POP! är resultatet av mer än tio års samplande i några av världens bästa studios och innehåller 10 trumset med tillhörande percussionkit. Kräver EZ Drummer eller Superior 2 för att fungera.For the past decade and counting, Toontrack has recorded drums in some of the world&39;s best studios, with some of the most esteemed engineers, with the most in-demand players and with only the best of the best in terms gear at their disposal. With sounds recorded in legendary studios like New York&39;s Hit Factory, London&39;s 2Khz Studio or where Nashville&39;s A-list clientele go, Blackbird Studios, the Pop! EZX is the culmination of years of relentless recordings and a true testament to the company&39;s search for the perfect sound.

The Pop! EZX comes with a collection of ten mixed and matched drum kits delicately intertwined with custom percussion pieces. The result is an awe-inspiring and genre-defying battery tailored for anything from rock to pop and dance. In short: a melting pot for any and all things good about drums and percussion boiled down to a perfect blend of organic, unique and edgy sounds for any track you&39;d file under "popular music".
All sounds were handpicked and re-mixed by Toontrack&39;s founder and head of Sound Design, Mattias Eklund and come from either yet unreleased recordings or from deep in the inexhaustible Toontrack sound vaults.

• 10 preset drum kits
• 10 kicks
• 10 snares
• 5 sets of hats
• 5 sets of cymbals
• 5 sets of toms
• Selected percussion including shakers, tambourine, cabasa, maracas, handclaps, snaps, cowbell, claves and bells
• Extensive MIDI library included
499 kr
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