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  • Forensics Package i gruppen Musikinstrument / Studio / Mjukvara / Plugins hos Order Music (220126)
Waves 220126 Forensics Package
Waves in association with international audio forensic expert Phil Manchester present the Phil Manchester/Waves Audio Forensics Package: a collection of nine audio plugins chosen especially for their precision in digital audio forensics. Phil Manchester is Waves´ resident forensic expert. He holds a Master of Science (First Class Honours) with Distinction in Speech, Computer Science and Critical Data Recovery, and has over 20 years of technical expertise in digital audio forensics. He relies on Waves plugins on a regular basis and has used them to complete countless high-profile investigations. "Waves Audio tools have helped me identify, secure and restore crucial audio sources," says Manchester. "Thanks to Waves I continue to obtain material that other agencies fail to uncover." Manchester has contributed to the work of numerous security, government and law enforcement agencies around the world. His work has been instrumental in the completion of more than 750 major criminal investigations involving national security, counter-terrorism, murder, kidnapping, international drug trafficking, and other serious criminal offences. Includes nine plugins for covert audio investigation (C1 Compressor, L1 Ultramaximizer, PAZ Analyzer, Q10 Equalizer, W43 Noise Reduction Plugin, X-Click, EQ, X-Crackle, X-Hum, X-Noise). Includes noise reduction, EQ, compression, level maximization and moreCreated in association with international audio forensic expert Phil Manchester Denna produkt levereras som serienummer via mail, det ingår ingen förpackning. Kräver en iLok för att kunna användas.
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