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  • LDDPA260 19 DSP Controller 6-channel i gruppen Musikinstrument / PA & Ljus / Installationsteknik / Distributionsförstärkare hos Order Music (281500)
LD Systems 281500 LDDPA260 19 DSP Controller 6-channel
The LD DPA-260 is a 6-channel 19 speaker processor for our VA-4, VA-8 and UNO arrays.
- Type: DSP Controller for Line Array VA-4, VA-8 and UNO
- Model Name: DPA-260
- Description: 6-Channel 19 speaker processor, 32bit DSP, 24bit AD/DA (48 kHz) converter
- Inputs: 2 Channels Analog/Digital, L R, Noise Gate, the inputs and outputs are freely assignable, that means you can assign any input to any output and vice versa
- Input EQ: 5 Band PEQ, Low Shelf and High Shelf Types available
- Crossover Range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
- Outputs: 6 Channels, High/Low Pass Filter, Filtertype and dB available, 7 Band PEQ, Low Shelf and High Shelf Types available, Limiter with Threshold, Attack and Release Parameters
- Delay: Time or Meter available, Max. Delay up to 848 ms
- Phase Invert Function: USB Port, Full programmable Software included with 24 Memory Capacity for Presets
- Display: 2 16 character LCD with backlight
- Switch mode power supply: 90 V - 250 V
- Dimensions: ;; 19 / 1U
- Width:482 mm
- Height: 44,5 mm
- Depth: 270mm Click here to download the Sotware and Presets for this product.
7095 kr
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