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  • LDMAUI28SE Subwoofer extension for MAUI 28 systems i gruppen Musikinstrument / PA & Ljus / PA-paket hos Order Music (281569)
LD Systems 281569 LDMAUI28SE Subwoofer extension for MAUI 28 systems
The LD Systems MAUI28SE was developed especially to support MAUI28 systems. The active subwoofer extension is perfectly matched to the system in terms of looks and technology, integrates without trouble, and reinforces low bass reproduction.The compact bass-reflex V design is loaded with two 8 custom woofers and a Class AB power amplifier that ensure a peak output of 800 watts. The MAUI28SE attains a maximum sound-level pressure of 123dB.The housing is made of 12mm multiplex, features a metal front grille and ergonomic carrying handles, and is finished with long-wearing Dura Coat LX. Combo and RCA sockets serve as stereo inputs and there are two XLR sockets for looping through the signal. LEDs indicate power, signal, and triggering of the protection circuit and the built-in limiter. The MAUI28 system is simply set on top of the subwoofer extension. Of course, the MAUI28SE can also be positioned as a free-standing unit.
3995 kr
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