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  • Midnight Special Harmonica Key of Bb i gruppen Musikinstrument / Blås / Munspel hos Order Music (270743)
Fender 270743 Midnight Special Harmonica Key of Bb
Fender guitars and amps are tools of the trade for the world's most demanding musicians. That same dedication to quality and innovation is evident in the introduction of the newest member of the Fender family, the Midnight Special, a 10-hole diatonic harmonica with features fit for the most discerning harpist. Inside its sleek black chrome case, the heavy-duty Midnight Special offers unparalleled, professional upgrades for the player in search of the ultimate high-performance harmonica.The Midnight Special's precision-made stainless steel reeds and reed plates are designed to produce rich overtones with plenty of volume and tonal stability while minimizing air loss. The harmonica is optimized for peerless performance with rounded cover plates, hole openings and dividers, ensuring the finest in Fender comfort and style. It also features a treated moisture-proof wood comb, which undergoes a diligent finishing process to ensuring minimal swelling and a longer lifespan after the punishing performances.
1019 kr
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