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  • PCAB112RGN Guitar Cabinet 1 x 12 with Eminence Reignmaker 8 Ohms i gruppen Musikinstrument / Gitarr / Gitarrförstärkare / Elgitarr / Högtalarlådor hos Order Music (281913)
Palmer 281913 PCAB112RGN Guitar Cabinet 1 x 12 with Eminence Reignmaker 8 Ohms
Palmer cabinets are rugged, flexible and affordable guitar cabinets. The main features are:
- Front-mounted speakers
- Detachable grill
- Solid workmanship
- Speaker mount and quality check carried out in Germany
- Cabinet impedance (mono): 8 ohms
- Power Rating (mono): 75 W
- Cabinet weight without speakers: 12 kg
- Back:   Open
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 58 x 29 x 45 cm
- Front Grill: detachable
- Speaker Mounting: 1x12 front mountedReignMakerTo top it off, this cabinet is equipped with the revolutionary FDM technology from Eminence:
The ReignMaker with patent-pending FDM technology puts tonal control at your fingertips. Just turn the modulator knob to adjust speaker output and amplifier interaction, helping you find that sweet spot of saturated tube tone but at a significantly lower volume. Tweak the knob for a wide range of tones: More attenuation affords a warmer tone while less attenuation restores volume and brightness.Specification
- Nominal Basket Diameter:  12, 304.8 mm
- Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
- Power Rating: 75 W
- Resonance: 91 Hz
- Usable Frequency Range: 80 Hz - 6.2 kHz
- Sensitivity: 91.5 dB (No knob turn), 100 dB (Full turn)
- Magnet Weight: 38 oz
- Gap Height: 0.312, 7.92 mm
- Voice Coil Diameter: 1.75, 44.5 mm
3695 kr
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