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  • PEABO Balanced Line Output Switch i gruppen Musikinstrument / PA & Ljus / Linebox/DI-box hos Order Music (281973)
Palmer 281973 PEABO Balanced Line Output Switch
The Palmer PEABO is a balanced switcher with one input and two outputs. This makes it the perfect choice for routing a signal to one of two different inputs.
- Onstage, switch your vocal mike between FOH and monitor mixing desk so you can communicate with the monitor mixer or the band in private.
- Two different sound configurations. Suppose you sometimes want a different effect or sound on your microphone, for example, a telephone effect or more Hall. Run both outputs of the PEABO to two channels of the mixing desk - now you can configure these differently and toggle between the two channels onstage whenever you want.
- You can also use the PEABO to address two different rooms or zones selectively.Switching is controlled by a sturdy latching foot switch; the selected output is indicated by a red LED. Slide switches make it possible to select various attenuation levels (6, 15 or 21 dB attenuation) individually for both outputs. A ground lift helps to avoid ground loop hum.Housed in a solid metal case with extended edges for optimum protection of the in- and outputs. Pre-drilled holes permit simple and secure mounting in a rack or on a pedal board.The PEABOs strictly passive circuitry means that it requires no power supply at all. A 9-volt block battery is only required to power the LED.
795 kr
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