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  • PEDMS Dynamic Mic Switcher i gruppen Musikinstrument / PA & Ljus / Linebox/DI-box hos Order Music (281984)
Palmer 281984 PEDMS Dynamic Mic Switcher
With the Palmer DMS (Dynamic Mic Switcher) you can switch a dynamic microphone between two inputs. The Palmer DMS Switcher is a passive unit and is exclusively for dynamic microphones. The switch on the DMS is momentary. The range of applications is vast:
- Switch your vocal mic between the FOH mixer and the monitor mixer - this will allow you to talk exclusively to the band or the monitor mixing engineer.
- Sound variation. Send the two outputs of the DMS to two channels of the FOH mixer, adjust the channels differently (for example, adjust the EQ to get a telephone effect). This will allow you to switch between two microphone sounds on stage at your own leisure.
- You can use the DMS to switch the microphone between two different rooms/zones
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