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  • PETIMEP Delay compressor i gruppen Musikinstrument / Gitarr / Gitarrpedaler/Effekter / Effektpedaler / Kompressor hos Order Music (282004)
Palmer 282004 PETIMEP Delay compressor
The all-analog unit provides a wide range of rich vintage-sounding delays up to 1.35 s. With its classic lo-fi vibe, the TIMEPRESSOR recreates that warm old-school mojo unobtainable from digital delays.The addition of a compressor takes the world of delays to a whole new level. The unique pre/post delay switching allows you to influence the delay behavior in novel ways to produce amazing and unusual sonic spaces.
- type: guitar effect
- Number of inputs: 1
- Input connections: 6.3 mm jack
- Input impedance: 1 M ohm
- Number of outputs: 1
- Output connections: 6.3 mm jack
- Output impedance: 100 K ohm
- residual noise: - 85 dB
- Controls: Footswitch, Level, Mix, Pre/Post, Rate, Repeat, Threshold, Tone
- Indicators: power/battery status low (LED)
- Power supply: External Power Supply, 9 V block
- Power consumption: 20 mA
- Case material: Sheet steel
- Case surface: powder-coated
- Width: 120 mm
- Depth: 140 mm
- Height: 60 mm
1395 kr
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