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  • PGA03 BOX - Splitter for Guitars i gruppen Musikinstrument / PA & Ljus / Linebox/DI-box hos Order Music (282011)
Palmer 282011 PGA03 BOX - Splitter for Guitars
A splitter box with galvanic isolation which distributes a guitar signal to two amplifiers. Can be operated with a power supply unit (not included) or with batteries I always get a loud hum when I hook up both my amps.... A rather common problem Weve got the answer The Palmer Y-boxs FET input circuitry adapts your guitar signal, driving a transformer which routes the ungrounded signal to the output. Ground hum is eliminated. 9V battery operation is recommended. The Y-box also serves as a line driver for long leads, and it allows for phase reversal of the AMP 2 output. This comes in handy when youre using two (pre-) amps. Technical specifications:
- 6.3 mm Jack, input impedance: 1 meg. ohm
- Parallel AMP 1 output
- AMP 2 output electronically buffered, through transformer Optional Power Supply PW9V
1295 kr
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