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  • PLS02 Dual Channel Line Splitter i gruppen Musikinstrument / PA & Ljus / Linebox/DI-box hos Order Music (282024)
Palmer 282024 PLS02 Dual Channel Line Splitter
A passive dual channel line splitter that is mainly used to feed the left and right master outputs of a mixer into several inputs such as power amplifiers, recording machines etc. A specially designed audio frequency transformer maintains signal integrity and prevents ground loop hum. This unit also converts unbalanced signals into balanced signals and vice versa. Technical specifications:
- 2 channel line splitter 1 into 3
- Each channel with: Input: female XLR type with parallel male XLR Type output 2 transformer isolated male XLR type outputs
- Transformer ratio 1 : 1
-  Nominal level: 0 dB
- Max. level 20 dB
- Nominal impedance input and output: 600 ohms
- Ground lift switch
2095 kr
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