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  • PMS02 Dual Channel Microphone Splitter i gruppen Musikinstrument / PA & Ljus / Linebox/DI-box hos Order Music (282031)
Palmer 282031 PMS02 Dual Channel Microphone Splitter
Palmer splitter boxes are used when a source signal must be sent to multiple inputs. For example, if the microphone signal if the microphone signal is to be sent simultaneously to the front of house mixing desk for the house sound system, the monitor mixing desk onstage, and - since the event is being broadcast live - to the outside broadcast van. This requires a 1 in 3 microphone splitter. In another application, a mixing desk output is supposed to drive multiple power amplifiers in different rooms. This requires a line splitter. A differentiation is made between line and microphone splitters to ensure optimal matching of the various levels and impedances. Passive dual channel microphone splitter. It is used primarily to facilitate the sending of one microphone source signal to multiple inputs. For example, this makes it possible to send the L/R master outputs of a mixing desk to multiple power amps without problems. Thanks to the use of generously dimensioned audio frequency transformers, the sound is not influenced, but ground loop hum is prevented. The PMS02 can also be used to convert unbalanced signals into balanced signals and vice versa. Technical specifications: 2 channel micro splitter 1 into 3, each channel with:
- Input: female XLR type with parallel male XLR Type
- Output 2 transformer isolated male XLR type outputs
- Transformer ratio 1 : 1 Nominal level: 0 dB, max. level 20 dB
- Nominal impedance input and output: 600 ohms
- Ground lift switch
2095 kr
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