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  • PPB20 Press Patch Box 20-channel i gruppen Musikinstrument / PA & Ljus / Linebox/DI-box hos Order Music (282039)
Palmer 282039 PPB20 Press Patch Box 20-channel
The Press Patch Box is a special kind of audio signal distributor intended for use at press conferences. It features separate inputs for microphone and line signals (from a mixing console output).Also available as stereo version (PPB20S) nullA high quality input amplifier with a transformer balanced input provides a wide dynamic range. A total of 20 transformer-balanced XLR/m outputs with separate paired driver circuits make it possible to connect up video cameras and other recording equipment. The nominal output level is 4 dBu at 600 . Channels 19 and 20 have TRS jack sockets for balanced/unbalanced signals and also phono sockets (-10 dBu nominal level). Where more than 20 outputs are required, additional PPB 20s can be hooked up via a rear BUS IN/OUT socket. Signal monitoring is provided by a 10 LED strip displaying a range of -40 to 10 dB (0 dB in the display = 4 dBu output) and an adjustable headphones amplifier. The PPB20 has an integral, shielded power supply unit. An extra DC input makes it possible to connect up a (backup) battery power source. A PW4 can provide the necessary backup power supply for two PPB20s. Input:
- Transformer-balanced, 4 XLR/f sockets, with paired front/rear parallel connections for separate microphone/line signals.
- Nominal Input Impedances: Microphones 200 , Line = 5 k
- Max. input levels: microphones = 0 dBu, Line = 20 dBu
- Max. amplification: microphones = 66 dB, Line = 22 dB (constantly adjustable via switch and potentiometer).Output:
- 20 XLR/m, 2x TRS jack, 2x phono, all transformer-balanced and floating with separate ground lift switches at rear
- Nominal output impedances: XLR = 300 , jack and phono = 600
- Nominal output levels: XLR = 4 dBu/20 dBu max.; jack/phono = -10 dBu, 6 dBu max
- Headphones output: Stereo jack socket, with mono tip ring, Designed for use with 8 - 200 headphones (constantly adjustable level).
- 10 LED strips displaying a range of -40 to 10 dB.
- Bus input/output (mono jack)
- Power Supply: 230 VAC or 12 V to 18 VDC, 15 Watts.
- Housing: 19, 3 U, approx. 200 mm deep.
21695 kr
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