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  • SR2010ASC-TWF i gruppen Musikinstrument / Bas / Elbas hos Order Music (187409)
Ibanez 187409 SR2010ASC-TWF
Ashula Bass - Limited Edition Most bassists like the sure and true notes of fretted basses, while others prefer the fluid and expressive tone of the fretless. Ibanez decided to give bass players a little of bothin one bass! Introducing the SR2010ASC Ashula, the worlds first fret/fretless hybrid bass guitar. Four fretted strings are tuned normal E-A-D-G, to cover cool bass lines, while the two fretless strings are tuned to the same D and G as the fretted strings, for more fluid and dramatic fretless solo work. Ashula features a Light Ash body with 5-piece Jatoba/Bubinga neck, with onboard Ashula EQ. The special humbucking Sonic Arch pickups are double coiled in a single-coil housing. Get the best of both bass worlds and go hybrid with the SR2010ASC Ashula bass, only from Ibanez. 5pc Ashula Jatoba/Bubinga neck Light Ash body Fretted : Medium frets/ Fretless hybrid Rosewood fingerboard MR-4 bridge 18mm string spacing Ashula eq Scale : 864mm/ 34 TWF Transparent White Flat Hard Case included Neck : Sonic Arch pu Bridge : Sonic Arch pu + Sonic Arch mini pu Fretted : Cosmo Black Frettless : Chrome *Sonic Arch humbucker pickups for fretted strings *Sonic Arch mini humbucker pickup for fretless strings *Ashula EQ with bass and treble Boost/Cut controls *Separate Active Tone and Volume controls for fretless strings
8895 kr
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