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  • X1R Ribbon i gruppen Musikinstrument / Mikrofoner / Bandmikrofon/Ribbonmikrofon hos Order Music (221438)
sE Electronics 221438 X1R Ribbon
X1R är sEs senaste tillskott i bandmikfrofonsegmentet. Tack vara sitt stora tålamod för ljudtryck blir X1R utmärkt att micka upp gitarrförstärkare, overhead för trummor, blås och stråk men även sång och gitarr. Testa själv!Huw Price från Music Tech Magazine recenserar X1R:"we put the X1R head-to-head against some other well-known ribbon mics. There really is no substitute for A/B testing and the X1R acquitted itself very well." "the sE X1R outgunned an Oktava ML52 and a Beyerdynamic M160 - both of which are dual-ribbon designs." "we found the sE far more versatile than the highly specialised Sontronics Sigma and Delta, and in our opinion it&39;s sonically superior to the oddly phasey Oktava ML52." "a warmth and sense of scale that is also reminiscent of the Coles 4038... the fact that we&39;re making this comparison at all is a credit to the X1R." " the sE X1R captured a sense of realism on acoustic guitar that would shame many similarly priced condensers." "we jammed the X1R against the speaker of a cranked-up guitar amp... Thanks to the high SPL handling provided by an internal metal diffuser, the X1R was totally unruffled. In fact, it produced an uncommonly detailed, smooth and natural tone. As a final act of abuse we zapped the X1R with phantom power and once again it came through unscathed thanks to sE&39;s protection circuitry." Hela testet kommer i decembernumret av Music Tech Magazine.
1995 kr
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