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Jättesuccn med Little Mark II har inspirerat Markbass att ta fram en ny, uppdaterad version. Little Mark III har ny DI out med pre-post EQ switch och justerbar utnivå så att du kan optimera signalen du sänder till mixerbordet. Samma kompakta format och vikt som sin föregångare!
Kompakt bastopp på 500 Watt4 bands EQ,Vikt: 2,1kg,Effect Loop
This handy accessory allows you to safely store your bass against the side of your amp. Strong velcro straps attach the neck of your bass to either the cabinet handle or the side of the cabinet.
Any busy bassist knows that the less trips to and from the car you have to make, the better. If you can carry all your gear in one trip, you’re the envy of the whole band! Bulky things like stands are an inconvenience.
But this ingenious little Bass Keeper travels inside your Amp Bag pocket, or the back pocket of your gig bag, and then holds your bass securely to the side of your cabinet whenever you’re not playing. No bassist should be without one of these handy accessories!
Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
2 x 10 bascombo med specialbyggda neodym element. Väger endast 20kg500 Watt